Roasting coffee requires energy. That is just one of the reasons why we are heavily involved in the issue of sustainability – be it on a large scale by supporting ecological farming or on a smaller scale at our own premises by using green electricity: sustainability is always an integral part of how we operate. You can find more about this here:

Organic farming

As Germany’s oldest organic coffee-roasting business, organic farming is a matter particularly dear to our hearts. This traditional form of growing crops promotes and utilises the stability of natural eco-systems ….


We are committed to tradition, but this does not prevent us from introducing sensible innovations. In 2013, we remodelled and modernised our roasting plant. We also started using a new roaster …

Green production

Our production operation in Gronau has a totally neutral impact on the climate: we use exclusively green electricity in every area of the business and annually offset any CO2 emissions that our production causes …

Fair partnerships

We buy our coffee in the country of origin itself. In order to select good quality beans it is essential to inspect the unprocessed coffees on site